Deodato Arte is a contemporary art gallery located in the centre of Brussels. It specialises in Pop Art and Street Art.

The Deodato Art Group has several galleries in Europe: Milan, Rome, Porto Cervo, Chia, Pietrasanta, Courmayeur, Padua, Saint Moritz (Switzerland), and is also preparing to open new galleries. The company was founded in 2010, and from the outset it has stood out for its in-depth research into many contemporary artists.

Deodato Arte has also an online gallery with over 50,000 contacts per month.

The four fundamental elements for the team are: ethics, humility, accessibility and organisation. We need ethics to increase sales, humility to avoid offending anyone, accessibility to leave no one behind and projects to have fun.

Our team

Deodato.gallery srl, founded in 2015, is the owner of the innovative start-up deodato.tech. Srl. Deodato.gallery srl is owned by parent company Qwerty SA, which is also present in Italy through its ICT company, iCustom srl. The group generated sales of around €5 million in 2019 and is planning further openings and acquisitions for the future.


The gallery’s primary aim is to shatter the myth that contemporary art by great artists should be exclusive. By going against the grain compared with most art galleries, Deodato Art wants to enable everyone to afford a work of art. By offering several names and different price ranges, the gallery always aims to meet the demands of its diverse public.

The founder

I meet contemporary art completely by chance. When I made it my main profession, I wanted transparency and accessibility, I wanted to focus on a young staff, and above all I firmly believed that technology was a “kind” tool to foster knowledge and make the relationship with the public more generative. I took the bell off the door, displayed prices, listened to everyone, learned from everyone, studied a lot, then synthesized everything.

Information technology, business processes, trained employees, ethics and great artists who are changing history: these are our ingredients. DEODATO Group is our offering.

– Deodato Salafia
Deodato Salafia
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